About Us

IIES is a research institute founded in October, 1983 by the initiative of Toyota Motor Corporation. Its missions are to conduct research and surveys on international economic circumstances that are critical to the development of internationalization strategies and to promote international exchange activities.
Currently, IIES is engaged in extensive research on subjects such as mid-to long-term economic, industrial, social prospects of major emerging countries, political and economic trends and outlook in Europe and United States and other developed countries. It also conducts research and surveys from a global perspective on environment, energy, future mobility, corporate strategies of global enterprises and other issues which could bring about a great change in the future economic system.

Research Papers

Here are some of the topics we report as part of our regular activities.

Yoshiki Hatanaka, Nonresident Senior Fellow

Oil Market Trends and the Situation in Saudi Arabia

Akifumi Ikeda, Academic Advisor of Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin

Israel, the United States, and the Middle East: In the Aftermath of the Ukraine Conflict ~From an Israeli Perspective~.

Masayuki Ogura, Nonresident Fellow

Global Dynamics Of Strategies on Semiconductors and Data - The U.S.-China Technology Supremacy Battles and the Impact of EU Data Policies on the Automotive Industry-

Adam S. Posen, President, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Economic Outlook through 2024 – Risks to and from the United States

Takashi Shiraishi, Distinguished Nonresident Senior Fellow

Current Situation and Prospects in Asia:Asia and the World in Times of Crisis

Mini Report -Kudan+[plas]-

“Kudan+ [plas]” provides brief accounts of the selected issues and views from what our researchers have become aware of and find useful through their daily research activities.

Hidehiko Takiguchi, International Energy Consultant

Energy News from New York No.202: The World Changes, Energy Flow Changes

Masayuki Ogura, Nonresident Fellow

How should we interpret the 7,500 excess suicides in the Corona Disaster?

Bachtiar Alam, Associate Professor, University of Indonesia

Increasing spread of COVID-19:can the arrival of 4th wave be avoided? (Part 2)

Bachtiar Alam, Associate Professor, University of Indonesia

Increasing spread of COVID-19:can the arrival of 4th wave be avoided? (Part 1)

Shingo Ito, Senior Economist

The Future of U.S. Policy Toward China and Implications for Japanese Companies (Part 2) Speaker: Mr. Ryo Sahashi (Associate Professor, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo)